Banquet at Buddha-Bar Manila

Try something new for your dinner, party, banquet, events or simple gatherings. Dine with Buddha-bar’s world-class fusion cuisine, drinks, posh interiors and lounge music.

Dining with Style...

Experience a different ambiance at Buddha-Bar Manila located in Makati City.

It’s dining area, enlaced by 18th century style wrought-iron balustrades, looks out over where the gigantic Buddha – the bar’s namesake, sits serenely enthroned. The amber-coloured lighting, rich mahogany furniture, Chinese and Japanese art objects, Khmer statues, decorated wood panels, lush reds and gold, luxurious fabrics and Portugese mosaics all come together to create an opulent and refined décor. A banquet at Buddha-Bar Manila will make your events and get together memorable and a unique experience.

To cap one’s Buddha-Bar Manila experience, the best of our DJ’s fill the room with musical selections that are appealing and unique as the food and drinking concoctions. Lose yourself to the invitation to listen and dance to an eclectic mix of world, lounge, and energy music best embodied by the rightfully famous “Buddha-Bar” compilations. Whether it’s a banquet or just a simple dining you plan with your friends or family, visit Buddha-Bar Manila – your ideal events place in Makati City.